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Very insightful lmarc1. I like your way of thinking. No one said art is not painful. It involves all emotions from pain to love. I like the exercise you have suggested as well and will be putting it into practice at my next opportunity. I can see her ... [Läs mer...]

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The idea is to treat digital as transparency film, making your exposure more accurate and cutting your Photoshop time less and your photography time more abundant. Trinijacobs, you are right on with the transparency film,. Now apply That to digital and ... [Läs mer...]

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Patrick57 you are right on. I consider myself an artist, my brush is light on digital medium. Hence the name lightpro. I paint with light. Glad to see there are other people out there that think like me!

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David Coleman


Vienna, United States
David Coleman (Lightpro)

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A professional photographer with over 30 years experience in portraits, commercial, industrial illustration, small product, weddings and stock photography.

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May 2, 2004
Present Cameras; Nikon D-7100 Lenses - Nikon 18-140, Nikon 55-300,
Nature, Animals,Small product, Details, Travel, environmental statements and scenic
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