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Gick med: December 17, 2005


Yuri Arcurs is the world’s top selling microstock photographer and sells over 1,1million individual licenses per year. The list of clients that have bought and used his pictures, include Time Magazine, MTV, Sony, MSN.com, Microsoft, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Tyra Banks Show, Late Night Show and many more. Extremely dedicated when it comes to digital quality Yuri just recently became officially sponsored by Hasselbald and will by Jan, 2008 produce exclusively with the Hasselblad Digital Medium Format Camera, H3D-II-39 at 39 Mega Pixel. (awaiting the new 67MP) Only a handful of photographers world wide are sponsored by Hasselblad. Yuri Arcurs has been profiled and interviewed for books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and lately the famous PDN magazine. He has also appeared in "photoshop creative" and "digital photographer". He has been titled “the world’s best microstock photographer” at www.photopreneur.com and was granted “Celebrity status” at www.microstockdiaries.com. Back in 2005 a Google of “Yuri Arcurs” gave zero search results, today, three years after you get more the 100000 hits (us google). Besides stock photography, Yuri writes photography tutorials and guides, does a videoblog and is a public speaker. Yuri only works with projects related to charity and completely stopped doing commercial jobs. Yuri is a bachelor in psychology, a former member of the Danish “special recognisance unit” (special forces), a 100km marathon runner, a personal trainer and as a staff member said… “a irritatingly close to pathological perfectionist”. Camera: 1 Hasselblad H3D-II 39 (medium format) at 39 Mega pixel. 21 16Gb CF flash card Ultra 3 Canon Mark III 1Ds. 2 Canon 5D, mark III 1 Nikon D3X Lenses: Hasselblad, 28mm Hasselblad, 50-110mm, Zoom Hasselblad, 120mm, Macro Hasselblad, 300mm Hasselblad converters and filters. About another 20 Canon lenses. Lighting and Flash: Sekonic L-608 light. Eight powered profoto 600 watts for the studio. Profoto D4R (Radio) Bettery Pack at 4800 Watts, Four Profoto 1200 watts strobes for on-location. Pocket Wizards for syncing flash. Gitzo tripods, monopods and travel-pods I however mostly use the manfrotto neotec monopod. Four Quad Core Power Macs, 30" Cinema or 24" Dells, with no less than 16Gbs of RAM. (Handling hundreds of 39mp files per day requires serious computer power). Two Mac Pro with 4 Gb for on-
Life, beach, business and studioshots.

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