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Viterbo, Italy

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Gick med: May 16, 2017


Born in Viterbo in 1967 starts to paint and draw 'copying' the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci. She trained herself 'copying' Monna Lisa and La dama con ermellino (oil on wood). Contemporarily she finds her own palette, where the primary colors have the best in the realization of some Masks inspired by the theatrical experiences that make her busy in the planning and realization of the scenographies. After one of the numerous Parisian temporary stays, from her graphics pen the LittleMen sprout, they already appeared in some of her theatrical scripts. The LittleMen start to sprout everywhere, on paper, canvas and wooden tables, only to have the pleasure to tell small colored poetries.

Personal comment

The LittleMen. From 1988 they have never left me. After different trips, particularly in Paris, the strange presence of a double has started to let him see. Someone, a nice type, that hid him among the buildings, the trees and the waters in Paris. He spied me, initially, but then... I have started to spy him and the others. After that I found them in every place, in every trip they were with me, sometimes happy and enjoying , sometimes reflexive, instinctive and passionate... but also madmen and dreamers.
The Masks. They were born in the '80s -'90s. The emotions, rather strong, were waving inside me in that period and in a summer day they decided to take a visible form, a recognizable aspect...almost human. Anger, sadness, indifference. They appear as powerful spots of sour color. Disruptive.

The phots.. The photos are a passion, my teacher of Art always said me that I was " too much realistic". All of my copies were too much similar to the original one: my copy was identical to the photo! In short he was exhorting me to be more original, creative in other directions, looking for my way... ... I did it. I found my direction and I’m enjoying, but the photo is indeed a passion.....

She exposes some collages in Rome in the 1995.
She exposes Masks andLittleMen in the halls of the theatres on the occasion of the representations.

She realizes commemorative postage stamp for the FITA (Italian theater amateur federation), labels for local products, logos and poster for restaurants, images for calendars; she realizes assemblage video.

Exhibitions at Rome, London, Palermo, Milan

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