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I have been creating art since I was young. I grew up surrounded by artists. My brother and sister were both artists. My brother was the neighborhood guru and there were always many artistic types around. It was an interesting time and an interesting group of people to be around as a child. I produce art because I am obsessed with creating art and have been since I was young. I work from waking to sleep, creating, most often every day. Sometimes I will work till I can no longer keep my eyes open. Sometimes even falling asleep while working. I love what I do and hope to be able to do it till my last days on earth. For me creativity is a spiritual thing especially. It is a gift, both received and to give. It is a connection to a higher power. It is an expression of oneself but again also of a great creator. It is a communication. It’s an intellectual pursuit. It is an expression of feeling. It is resolution of a puzzle. It is the creation of a puzzle. It can be an answer or a question. Art is everything ...

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