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The Mango Bird is a small songbird native to India and Southeast Asia. It is a member of the family of birds known as the Old World Flycatchers, and is one of the most common birds in its range. The Mango Bird is easily identified by its bright yellow-orange plumage, and its distinctive call. The Mango Bird is a small bird, typically measuring between 4 and 5 inches in length. Its wingspan is usually between 6 and 7 inches. The Mango Bird has a bright yellow-orange head and breast, with a black crown and back. Its wings and tail are black, and its belly is white. The Mango Bird has a long, thin bill, and a short, rounded tail. The Mango Bird is a vocal bird, and its call is a loud, metallic "tsee-tsee-tsee" or "tsee-tsee-tsee-tsee". The Mango Bird is an omnivore, and its diet consists of insects, fruit, and nectar. It is often seen foraging for food in trees and bushes. The Mango Bird is a social bird, and is often seen in small flocks. It is not migratory, but will move to different areas in search of food. The Mango Bird is a cavity nester, and typically builds its nest in the hollow of a tree or in a hole in the ground. The Mango Bird is a common bird, and is not considered threatened or endangered. It is a popular bird with birdwatchers, and is often seen in parks and gardens. The Mango Bird is a beautiful and vibrant bird, and is a welcome sight in its range.