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Fotografi och designvägledning

Medlemmar kan lägg in sina tips och handledningar om fotografiska tekniker eller designtips. Du kan agera värd eller be oss lägga det vår server. Notera att du måste inneha upphovsrätten på allt som du lägger upp.

Top 10 tips for new contributors

av Nikitu

Congratulations on having your first images accepted at Dreamstime. Keep up the good work and many more to come! To improve your future uploads and continue with a high approval rate, here are some tips based on our extensive experience in microstock imagery review. You will find below info on lighting, exposure, composition, legal documents and many more. Läs mera »

How to start in stock photography

av Dudau

If you're passionate about photography, you probably spend a lot on photo equipment and a return of that investment will come in handy. Läs mera »

Action photography IS or not to IS

av Robinstockphotos

Action photography can include photographing and freezing the motion of anything that moves - and moves fast. Läs mera »


av Inspireme

Photoshop handledning- friläggning Läs mera »

The power of words

av Dreamstime Blogs!

Blog articles that will help you understand the importance of accurate and efficient keywording. As good or bad keywording can dramatically affect your sales, these articles represent a MUST READ for all our contributors. Läs mera »

Reasons for refusals

av Photodesign

Explanations of the most frequent problems encountered on refused submissions. Läs mera »

The sky in stock photography

av Photodesign

Tips about how to enhance the sky in your photos. Läs mera »

The art of light painting

av Karenfoleyphotography

The art of photography is often referred to as painting with light. The photography technique called Light Painting brings that art to a literal definition. Läs mera »

Smartphone Photography

av Karenfoleyphotography

  With the rise in popularity of the digital camera, today there are millions of devices offering Läs mera »

A to Z of Stock Photography Terms

av Karenfoleyphotography

Starting out in photography, one can quickly become overwhelmed with the terminology. Photographers Läs mera »

Turning a Passion into a Profit

av Karenfoleyphotography

Many of us have a hobby that we’re passionate about – and at one time or another most of us have Läs mera »

Hur man fyller i release dokument

av Demonike

Anvisningar på hur man fyller i release formulär korrekt Läs mera »

The Art of Light Painting

av Karenfoleyphotography

The art of photography is often referred to as painting with light. The photography technique called Läs mera »

Capturing the Concept of Technology

av Karenfoleyphotography

Looking for inspiration for your next stock image? Look no further than the devices that surround yo Läs mera »

Imagining Business as a Newbie

av Karenfoleyphotography

I often see newbies asking questions on the message boards about what types of images are needed in Läs mera »

Microstock Photography – The Winning Strategies, part I

av Robinstockphotos

Above is a catchy title that most stock photography veterans would raise an eyebrow at. Is there rea Läs mera »

Getting Started with Strobe Lighting

av Karenfoleyphotography

Natural light. I often hear photographers say they ONLY work with natural or available light. To me, Läs mera »

Microstock Photography - The Winning Strategies, part II

av Robinstockphotos

Continued from Part I... Your intentions matter! Are you looking for shortcuts to make easy money Läs mera »

Top commonly overlooked copyrights

av Artistashmita

We live in a world full of copyrights and protected brands. We know how we need to avoid, remove and Läs mera »