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Jeremy Brotherton


Dayton , United States
Jeremy Brotherton (Jeremybrotherton)

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Influence:Rodney Smith and Mary Ellen Mark

How long have I been shooting: 8 years

Profession: Photography assistant and image retouching / Fine art Photographer

Education: Associates degree, majoring in general photography.

My interests: Noir movie lighting, Classic fashion styles, Epic styled motion pictures and street photography.

Goals: To work for a movie studio as a still frame photographer. To make short stories with my photos and to someday to have a few coffee table books.

Gick med:
October 28, 2008
Film or digital: Both, I use digital as a way to test my lighting setups and as a film back up. I also use digital when I do macros. I mostly use B&W films like Tri-X 400 and Efke 25 then develop the film in either HC-110 B or H mixtures or D76. Cameras: Holga 120N, Yashica-D, Fed-5, Mamiya 645 and Nikon D70

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