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Gick med: March 8, 2008


I have grown to find beauty in a lot of things, I have a love for everything from the old and tarnished to the modern shiny and strange with a particular love for glass and beautiful landscapes. Most of my stock comes from everyday life and that includes ShopEmeraldUmbrella.com items which are alot of my more unique props. 2015 will be a year of strange and cool with a few adventures & misadventures along the way. Not everything that I shoot makes it to stock so feel free to watch at http://www.EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.com If you have any sort of comment or criticism or requests feel free to comment on one of my images.

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful year.

EmeraldUmbreallaStudio.com Proud Nikonian needing a new body.
Landscapes in both urban and non urban environments, the old, historical & strange. Anything Glass, Pet, Vintage, Mechanical, Industrial, old technology, times of the year, holidays, seasons, fire & spectacle.

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jätte- oxehjul för vagn fotografering för bildbyråerjätte- oxehjul för vagnbugs den räknade bilen royaltyfria bilderbugs den räknade bilensällan steak för galler arkivfotosällan steak för gallernytt pass USA för bok royaltyfri fotonytt pass USA för boktampa universitetar royaltyfri fototampa universitetaramerikanska flagganpass royaltyfria bilderamerikanska flagganpasscapsules växt- brett royaltyfri bildcapsules växt- brettbelize handwoven billig prydnadssak royaltyfri bildbelize handwoven billig prydnadssakisolerat purpurt högväxt för malorchid royaltyfria bilderisolerat purpurt högväxt för malorchid


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