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Dreamstime and stock photography
Day dreaming
Dreams on a daily basis - Everything related to the site goes here (except questions about refusals; email them to support please)
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My last editor choice
New members
You're a newbie on Dreamstime. Introduce yourself here.
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Just arrived
Photo, illustrations & video requests
You're a designer looking for a special stock? Ask photographers here! Contributors, please post only if your image matches the requirements and email support for a priority review.
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лосось вектор
Suggestions and policies
Your dreams - features you would like to see, questions about what is acceptable and what is not. Do a search on the boards to see if your idea was not discussed already.
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Image recognition and key words suggestions
Photography & video discussions
Stock video and footage
The newest content available on Dreamstime. Tune here to find out the tech specs and tips from admins or fellow contributors.
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Post Your Latest Stock Footage Upload
Techniques, locations, tips and tricks, post processing.
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Description to Keywords
Digital and film
Latest models, lenses and filters, exposure techniques.
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ISO & Noise
Positive criticism
Ask for critiques from designers or photographers, discuss other images. Don't use this area to promote your portfolio but to increase your skills.
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16 sales ... criticise please
Design discussions
A place for illustrators to share ideas and techniques.
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How do I message an Illustrator?
Dreamstime in Action!
Stock photos in action, sites that are using Dreamstime's photos.
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Show your keywords in action!
Web design
HTML/DHTML, CSS, scripting, databases.
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Using letters from vector alphabet
Techniques, advices, tips & tricks
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What do you edit, in Photoshop?
Print & Prepress
General discussions regarding printing and DTP, resolution, colours palette.
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Do i need to change RGB to CMYK?
Free discussions
Everything off topic goes here. Moderated discussions, please behave.
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Number of referrals?