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IR camera

Since I bought new Nikon D5500 camera, I wanted to convert my old D40X to infrared. Since conversions are made in USA and coast is about 200$ I tried out for some service here in Croatia. And I found one, but they wont place second handed glass that should be placed in front of sensor. So, in order to have IR camera, I found instructions on Youtube and decided to remove lowpass filter that stands before sensor by myself. And after half hour of disassembling of camera, i removed low pass filter, and... continue reading

Make Money Selling Online Stock Photography With Cheap Camera Equipment

I have a long list of camera equipment and related items on my wish list, all of which would take my stock photography career to a higher level. But what good is it to write about the virtues of the latest and greatest cameras and technology when you can't afford them? Instead of telling you what cameras would be nice to have, let's talk about how you can earn money starting today with the equipment you currently have even if it's a bit dated.You can even begin to start making money... continue reading

Getting older!

Are you getting a bit older? Does that Nikon/Canon outfit seem to be getting heavier? Mine did, and something had to be done!I started out in photography as a trainee metallurgist in the steel industry, and was often assisting the works photographer, who was also a metallurgist . Kit was an 5x4 MPP with plates/cut film and a flash unit with bulbs the size of a 100 watt light bulb. Add a tripod designed to hold an elephant and a 50 foot climb to a gantry for the best viewpoint - no need to visit the... continue reading

Stock Photography - Here is How to Create Images that Sell

A mind boggling 1.2 trillion photos are estimated to have been taken in 2017 according to Forbes, that is 160 photos of every human being alive today!10.3% of this photos were taken by a digital camera, 4.7% by a tablet, and 85% by Smartphones. The bulk of these photos were either uploaded, shared, or saved directly or indirectly on internet.The numbers are predicted to go higher in 2018. In our last article, Stock Photography - Who buys Your Stock Images?, We shared on why we should embrace... continue reading

Some of my gear throughout my stock experience

I have been a Dreamstime contributor since 2015 and I have a roughly 2,246 stock photos in it. I was also a new photographer when I started, with my very first DSLR.I started out small, with a Nikon D3100 (14.2 Megapixel DX-format ), and a kit lens (Nikon - 18mm-55mm - F/3.5-5.6) . After a while, I also acquired a Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G. Some of my first photos are shown, the first with the kit lens, the second with the short telephoto. Those two zoom lenses were... continue reading

Camera Equipment for Christmas?

Struggling to figure out what to spend your hard-earned money on? No idea what to ask Santa for? Paralysed by choice?Well, these are common problems, especially for those of us that don’t have huge kit of gear built up over time. In a sense it is a true first world problem, as the technology in digital photography has advanced, all modern cameras can produce stunning imagery under the right conditions. So, instead of focussing on the equipment itself, I believe it is better to focus on the conditions.... continue reading

Izmir (Traveling Turkey Series - 2)

Hello dear readers,Thanks for starting to reading the continue of Traveling Turkey Series' article. It makes me happy to see read count.Izmir is the third most crowded city in Turkey. It's located beside of Aegean Sea.Short sentences about Izmir:- Izmir has 4.28 million people sitting in (2017's results).- Izmir is a secular city.- Izmir was founded by Greeks, then taken over by the Romans and rebuilt by Alexander the Great before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire in the... continue reading

Camera equipment: New and Old

Welcome to our new blog contest! If you're ready to win $600 cash prizes, polish up your writing skills and join the competition. This time, we'll love to see your recommendations and stories about your photography equipment. Asked Santa for a new camera? What exactly did you ask for? Tell us what would you recommend for a brand-new photography gear to make stunning images. And also, what are you planning to do with your old one? We're thinking of donating them to schools or charities,... continue reading

Our Photos: Monuments of the Past

When we look at our older work, we usually only see the flaws: the composition was poor, the white balance was off, or the highlights were blown. However, those old photos stand as monuments to the past and can be good for several reasons.Memorials! If for nothing else, we can browse our old body of photos to remember the old days. There is usually more behind a photograph than a subject or a landscape. The photo can bring back the memory of what stage you were in at that time of life,... continue reading

Tip of the week. How to guide and direct your model during the photoshoot

Hello everybody! I would like to share some basic guidelines that would help you improve your images, make your models look better so your images look more professional. Here are some of the basic steps that cover almost everything you must know while working with models (professional or not):Body language and attitudeIt is way easier to work with your friends and let go of any formalities and just have fun during a shoot. But that is not really the case in a work environment. Try to implement... continue reading

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