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Gick med: January 4, 2006


My brother Jason Houge is a student of professional photography, the photos i post on this site are thoes which i am practicing from skills he is teaching me, visit his site, have a look around. He sells prints and has a generous gallery to browse, and offers prints of his individual photos in his collection.


-- Ages
Samsung Digimax A7, (7MP digital camera) and a stand that goes to a late great smashed digital video camera thats about it my brother jason specializes in film photography, and has some incredable shots on his website at: he has a collection of equiptment and is persuing a college degree in the field of professional photography, and has proven to be a formidable student, competitive and motivated, he leads his class in the art regards, -- Ages
I hope to capture large scenes and views only attainable from the gift of flight. As a young aviator i have an incredable opertunity not only as a career but to explore the skys and capture the essence of its beauty, this is also the goal of photography. Although stock photos are geard primarly towards function and the overall apeal of the photo, each photo captures a unique angle of life, and an art such as this perfected could yeild countless rewards. I hope to capture this with my Samsung digimax A7, but for the time being, i am startng small and working primarily with macro. I should have some intresting photos of various flowers uploaded soon, as i am increasing in ability, but i am lacking in editing softwear and struggle getting raw photos past the editors, most of my photos have minimal adjustments, if any. I am trying to get a consument grasp of croping, and some of my photos may reflect this, but for the most part they remain whole, and natural, the origional captured beauty, in what ever ability i have progressed to.


-- Guardian of the Ages
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